Discoin features

Discoin untraceable payments

Untraceable payments

Discoin payments are untraceable thanks to a completely anonymous payment scheme implementing a ring signature technology.

Discoin unlinkable transactions

Unlinkable transactions

Receivers have multiple unique one-time addresses derived from their single public key which makes it impossible to cross-link payments.

Discoin double-spending proof

Double-spending proof

Nobody is able to spend the same money twice thanks to the addition of a key image to every signature.

Discoin blockchain resistant to analysis

Blockchain analysis resistance

The unique one-time addresses and the ring signatures make the whole blockchain resistant to analysis.

Discoin egalitarian proof of work

Egalitarian proof of work

Discoin mining is opened to everyone with an ordinary computer bringing equality among all miners.

Discoin built on CryptoNote

Built on top of CryptoNote

The Discoin is derived from the CryptoNote project, an open-source technology and concepts for the cryptocurrencies of the future.

How to get Discoin?

Let's introduce the Discoin ICO

From now on, you can take part in the adventure by buying your first Discoins and help us grow the project

The Discoin ICO takes place in two steps: a pre-sale and a main sale. During the pre-sale, Discoins can be bought for €0.0125. During the main sale, Discoins can be bought for €0.0167.

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Discoin web wallet

Web wallet

Create a web wallet from our dashboard and start using Discoin right now

Buy Discoin with Bitcoin

Invest with Bitcoin

Buy your first Discoin with a simple Bitcoin deposit

Buy Discoin with credit card

Invest with credit card

You can also buy your first Discoin with a secure credit card transaction

Multi-platform wallet. Built-in exchange.

As exposed in our road map, the Discoin web wallet is the first released. Will follow an integrated exchange platform to allow you trading your Discoins. Then, we will release desktop and smartphone wallets and will integrate progressively popular exchange platforms.

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Deep integration in the Discodery digital platform.

The Discoin is going to be deeply integrated in the Discodery ecosystem, allowing to subscribe to one of the best digital solution with recursive payments and to collect payments from end-customers. Later, the same level of functionality will be featured in the public payment gateway API.

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A rewarding platform, calling for sharing

Mining is of course an easy way to obtain some Discoin as a reward for your computing power, but it is not the only way. Because the Discoin is deeply integrated with the Discodery digital solution, you can be rewarded in Discoins by sharing about Discodery and the Discoin, by registering in the Discodery Partners program or by referring new customers.

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Discoin road map

The Discoin ecosystem will be rolled-out step-by-step, taking care of delivering great products and features with a great continuous integration. That's why we decided of a clear road map. We will however not forget to be agile when we will have to. So stay close to our community to get the latest updates.

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Who is behind the Discoin project?

Discoin FAQ

We try to improve our FAQ regularly but we now we can not anticipate all the questions.
If you do not find an appropriate answer to one of your concerns, feel free to contact us directly.

Our vision is to give access to the Discoin ecosystem to every business owner and every e-commerce platform developer. We defined a clear road map to achieve this goal. As of today, you can already use your Discoins to get access to the Discodery ecosystem (more information about it can be found here https://discodery.com) by paying your subscription and get rewarded by referring other people to join us in the adventure. And really soon, Discodery's customers will be able to receive payments in Discoins on their website and mobile applications.

At this time, the best way to create a Discoin wallet is to use the web wallet feature of the Discoin dashboard. You can create as many wallets as you want. In a near future, you will be able to download the desktop and mobile apps to create a wallet on your side.

During the web wallet creation, you will be asked to choose a password to secure your wallet. You will also be given a randomly generated backup key to use if ever you forget your password. These two elements are the only way to get access to your wallet. Under no circumstances we will be able to assist you if you lose these elements as your wallet secret key is NEVER written anywhere in our servers.

The Discoin web wallet has very simple transfer feature that allow you to send the Discoins you own to any Discoin public address, whether it's another web wallet or whether it's an exchange platform.

Buying Discoin is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is create a Discoin dashboard account then participate in the Discoin's ICO. In a near future, you will be able to exchange your Discoins from the integrated exchange platform but also from several well known public exchanges.

You can get in touch with us by using your preferred method from: the contact form just below this section (we usually respond in a few hours), an email sent to discoin@discodery.com (the fastest member of our team will handle your message), a phone call at +33147458084 (in english or in french) or finally, joining our Discord server at https://discord.gg/BPWgmf4.

To be eligible to participate in the Discoin ICO, you must first complete KYC, giving valid first name, last name, e-mail, phone, personal address and ID card scan. Be reassured, these data will not be shared as we comply with the European GDPR regulation (more information here). Also note that the residents of USA, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Syria and North Korea will not be allowed to participate in the Discoin ICO due to national regulations. If you cannot complete the KYC process due to legal reasons, you will not be able to complete the ICO process.

The coins distribution, including bonus, will occur at the end of each ICO phase. Please create at least one Discoin wallet before. You will be contacted by e-mail before the end of the corresponding phase if you invested and did not create a wallet.

Coins distribution will occur when your participation has been validated. It could take up to one month to limit the risk of fraud. The airdrop is limited to one participation per person. If you try to mess with the system, we reserve the right to suspend your account and cancel your participation in the airdrop.

We strongly believe that as many people as possible should join us and become a Discoin miner. It will indeed contribute to making a truly decentralized platform. Awaiting for the documentation release, you can contact us directly to learn more about the process of becoming a Discoin miner.

2 000 000 000 Discoins will be available at the end of the emission curve.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us if you have any question/suggestion or even if you want to get invested in the Discoin project.
We will usually respond under 24 hours. You can also join us on our Discord server